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Children's Understanding of Economic and Social Inequality


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2017 - 2018 RAC

Top row: Lindsey Nenadal, Taylor Hazelbaker, Manpreet Dhillon Brar

Bottom row: Paul Luelmo, Elianny Edwards, Dr. Rashmita Mistry

Not pictured: Kate Griffin



Awards, grants, and fellowships for the 2017-18 academic year:

        • Dr. Rashmita Mistry received the Lena Astin Faculty Mentoring Award. 
        • Manpreet Dhillon Brar received the Merlin C. Wittrock Fellowship.
        • Elianny Edwards received the Lawrence W. Erickson Memorial Fellowship.
        • Kate Griffin received the Society for Research on Child Development (SRCD) Student & Early Career Council Dissertation Funding Award and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) Grants-in-Aid.
        • Taylor Hazelbaker received the UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship award and the H. Elwood Zillgitt and Mildred Bostwick Finney Fellowship.
        • Paul Luelmo received the UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship. 
        • Lindsey Nenadal was named a California Poverty & Socioeconomic Fellow by University of California, Riverside's Blum Initiative on Global and Regional Poverty and received the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) Grants-in-Aid.

New publications: 

        • Read a recent article highlighting work from the Mistry lab here!
        • White, E. S., & Mistry, R.S. (2017; online first). Teachers’ civic socialization practices and upper-elementary school-age children’s civic engagement. Applied Developmental Science.
        • Nenadal, L., & Mistry, R.S. (2017; online first). In their own words: Teachers’ reflections on using an inquiry-based approach to talk with young children about wealth and poverty. Early Childhood Research Quarterly.
        • Mistry, R.S., Nenadal, L., Hazelbaker, T., & Griffin, K. (2017). Promoting elementary school-age children’s understanding of wealth, poverty, and civic engagement. PS: Political Science and Politics, Teacher Symposium: The Politics and Pedagogy of Economic Inequality. 50, 1068-1073. 
        • Rodriguez-Operana, V. C., Mistry, R. S., & Chen, Y. C. (2017). Model minority or minority at risk? Examining the achievement-adjustment paradox among Filipino-American adolescents of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Asian American Journal of Psychology, Special Issue: Moving Beyond the Model Minority, 8, 56-71. 


Current projects:
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For a list of classes taught:

Rashmita S. Mistry, Ph.D.
Professor, Human Development & Psychology Program
Department of Education
University of California, Box 951521
Los Angeles, CA., 90095-1521
Phone: 310-825-6569   Fax: 310-206-6293